Reasons Why Not To Choose a Macintosh

“You wanna get yourself a proper computer, mate!” – Computer 'experts' (sic) worldwide


So you're thinking about buying a personal computer, are you? Well, that's easy... right?

Whilst there are lots of brands, models, and types of computer to choose from, the chances are, whatever you end up with, it will be one that comes pre-installed with some version of the ubiquitous Microsoft Windows operating system. And why not indeed?

Computer proficiency is encroaching ever more into the mainstream from its traditional 'geek' niche, but it still remains that a significant portion of PCs sold, are to people who see computers as somewhat baffling and scary.

For such individuals, the usual outcome will be for them to do what everyone else does; they will buy a Windows based PC, with nary a passing thought given to if there's any alternative. This immediately excludes the option of an Apple Macintosh.

Info: See 'What is a Macintosh?'

What this website is intended to achieve, is to ask the question, “Should they be so hasty?”

Disagree with anything you see here? Think I'm full of faecal matter? Has this site helped you in any way? Then please feel free to add feedback via each page's commentary facility.

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Mais pourquoi?

Inspired as I was with reasons expressed by people whom are aware of the Macintosh, yet still have the belief of them not being a viable choice, I decided to pool together and analyse a list of some of those reasons. Some have some validity for some people in some circumstances. Others though, are long standing misconceptions, hearsay, of historic validity only, or outright myths crying out to be debunked.

The objective here is not to focus upon advocating or belittling any computing platform overall, but to clarify the basis of these oft expressed reasons, analyse their validity – or lack thereof – and if possible, offer suggestions of how a Macintosh could have been, or would be a viable choice.

I hope that by learning from decisions made by others, your decisions will be informed ones.

“I didn't choose a Mac because...” (click on links below)

  1. "There's less software for Macs"
  2. "Macs aren't upgradeable"
  3. "Macs are too expensive"
  4. "My mate knows all about computers, and he's got a PC"
  5. "Computer expert I know says Macs are just toys"
  6. "We use PCs at work"
  7. "Macs are slower than PCs"
  8. "Macs don't have Windows"
  9. "There's no games for Macs"
  10. "Macs are just PCs now anyway"
  11. "I can get loads of free PC software"
  12. "Macs are unstable and crash a lot"
  13. "Macs are unintuitive and difficult to use"
  14. "Macs are obsolete technology"
  15. "Macs are proprietary and incompatible"
  16. "Macs are only for graphic designers"
  17. "Nobody sells Macs around here"
  18. "My kids use PCs at school, just as they will in the real world"
  19. "I can build a much better PC for peanuts"
  20. "I use applications not available for Macs"
  21. "Apple don't make the kind of Mac I want"
  22. "Our network is PC based"
  23. "I've got an investment with Windows"
  24. "Macs are not immune to viruses"
  25. "Apple will go out of business eventually"
  26. "Everyone uses Windows PCs"
  27. "The Mac's one button mouse is stupid"
  28. "I only need a computer for basic stuff"
  29. "I can just run Mac OS on my PC"
  30. "Mac users are so arrogant"
  31. "I don't like being limited to a single hardware vendor"
  32. "Mac OS will come out on PC eventually"
  33. "Macs have got a tiny market share"
  34. "Macs are only for those too stupid to use a proper computer"
  35. "There's nothing you can do with a Mac you can't with a PC"

Written & designed by Wayne Stuart. Site content last updated 7 November 2012

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