Reasons Why Not To Choose a Macintosh

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"Who the hell are you?"

Hello. My name is Wayne Stuart, I hail from somewhere in the middle bit of England, and I am the author of this humble website you see before you.

"So what computer do you use, as if we couldn't guess?"

As you've probably guessed, my home computing platform of choice is a Macintosh. For my own personal needs and wants, the benefits of that choice outweigh the negatives. However, not being entirely blind to the benefits of a Windows based system – e.g. for games – I have a basic Windows presence on my Mac.

"I suppose you're some arty-farty creative sort then?"

Nope. Contrary to what some may think of the stereotypical Mac user, I'm not a creative professional. Nor am I an IT professional. I am Mr. Average who just happens to be a computer geek. And although I don't work in IT, like so many people in the world, my work does involve IT, and it is (unfortunately) of the Windows variety. But when I go home, I go home to a Mac.

"So what's the point of this site then?"

As said in the introduction, this site is devoted to pooling together common reasons expressed by non-Mac users, why they aren't Mac users. So basically, a list of perceived negatives of Mac ownership. The subsequent analysis will be from an angle of offering possible positives to counteract those absolute negatives.

Like, for instance, "There's no software for Macs", is an absolute negative. So what I would intend to do is look if there's any positives. Such as, ask if it's true? Is it partially true? Why would anyone think it's true? Under what circumstances or perspectives isn't it true? And where it is true, are there any potential solutions?

"Why do you care what computer other people use?"

Many of the 'reasons' within this site, are long standing myths that should have been dead and buried long ago. Others are arguable, and not nearly as unequivocal they can often be portrayed as. Yet so often, even today as computer literacy increases among more and more everyday folk, these 'reasons' are still passed around like they're common knowledge. Ignorance of Macs is still rife.

Imagine if you were in a position of not being particularly computer-savvy, looking to buy a PC, and seeking information and advise of what you should be looking for... or more relevantly, what to avoid. It's entirely conceivable that just one or two Mac myths would be enough for you to conclude that Macs ought to be avoided, just to be on the safe side. But wouldn't it be better if you could find a resource that looked at those myths in more detail to ascertain their validity, or lack thereof?

Important note:
The majority of this site assumes you are looking at a recent Intel based Mac. If you are looking at an older PowerPC based Mac, some of the analysis may not be as relevant.

I saw a gap on the Internet for just such a resource, so I decided to fill it. And in the process, it has become a hobby. Some people collect stamps, some people are train spotters, I write and maintain a website on a topic I find interesting. I'm a geek! So sue me! [grin]

So it's not that I have any problem with what other people use; it's simply that if I can offer a different perspective to someone who wants to hear both side of the argument, thereby arming them to make a more informed decision, then it's worthwhile doing. And if I can enjoy doing it in the process, then why the hell not?

"But doesn't being a Mac user make your opinions biased?"

Like many things in life, a large part of choosing a computing platform, is personal preference, which is subjective and largely unquantifiable. And yes, my personal preference is for Mac. And yes, while I can see advantages and disadvantages of each platform, when it comes to personal preferences, I am never going to be able to really identify with anyone who prefers to use Windows over Mac, because I myself don't. But that's not to say that I can't understand and accept that others can and do. And that's also not to say I can't be impartial in any analysis of the more quantifiable practical aspects of each platform's advantages and disadvantages.

I am presenting the facts as I see them, or opinions backed up up with reasoning. If you choose to see any positive words being said of Macs as inescapably biased, then I may respectfully suggest that perhaps you are seeing what you want to see because you don't like the thought of your own biases being questioned?

And let's just say if no-one with a personal preference were ever to write anything, then nothing would ever be written.

"So why do you bag on Windows so much?"

If that is how you interpret what is say in this site, then it's unfortunate you see it that way.

Windows is the ubiquitous computing platform. So in such analysis as we have here, I don't think it's entirely unreasonable to approach it from the perspective of comparing with what most would associate with being the benchmark computing platform. How can you say if a Mac is good at anything, if you don't compare it with the alternative as a frame of reference? And so if you look for a positive in the Mac, that may unfortunately, by definition, reflect negatively on the alternative, i.e. Windows.

What I have tried to do where applicable, is present both sides. I'm sorry if you feel I haven't gone far enough into bigging up Windows, but this site is intended to present potential positives of Macs to counteract potentially unwarranted negatives. If you believe the reverse need to be done, then please feel free to write a site of your own. Send me the link when you've done.

"Your site looks crap!"

If you're using Internet Explorer – particularly an older version – then yes, it probably does. I wrote this site so it would look and work correctly on modern, standards compliant browsers, such as Safari, Firefox, Opera, or Chrome. The standards compliance of Internet Explorer (IE) is rather dubious, so this site may not look or work exactly as intended with that browser. There are work arounds to IE's 'idiosyncracies', and I have employed some of them. But I must admit, I haven't gone the whole enchilada. Maybe if I was a professional web designer I would have, but I'm not. So whilst it may not look as nice or have all the navigation features when viewed on IE, it displays, so that's good enough for now.

I would respectfully suggest getting yourself a "proper browser". [grin]

But if you're already using one of the aforementioned "proper" browsers, and you still think it looks crap, then... well... [shrug] sorry. As said, I'm not a professional.

"Do more cartoons!"

As I said above, I'm not naturally a creative sort. Drawing is not my forte. But that said, more cartoon illustrations are on my extensive list of things to do. I'm just waiting for that all illusive inspiration to strike.

"Well I think you're full of shit!"

Many a Microsoft fanboy has said as much. And one or two Mac fanboys too. Go figure.

As surprising as it may sound to 'normal' folk, this whole topic of computing platforms is actually a traditionally touchy subject. Internet forums are full of Mac verses PC arguments, which can get rather heated and bitter, often degrading into name calling.

I've tried to be balanced in my reasoning here, with points in general terms, not absolute and guaranteed, and with expressed opinions, hopefully reasonably educated ones. But I am big and ugly enough (albeit more of the latter than the former) to accept that there may very well be conclusions that are arguable. Therefore it is entirely reasonable to suggest diverse opinions should be sought from multiple sources.

But all that said, opinionated individuals often have difficulty accepting that their opinions are not universally shared. It may be arrogance, or it may simply be an inability to empathise with others who have different perspectives. For instance, tech-savvy individuals may find it difficult to understand how an average consumer may not care about, be as comfortable with, or be as knowledgeable about computers as they are, and would therefore have different priorities.

So, am I really "full of shit", or are you just one of those people who hasn't considered the diversity of other people's needs, wants, and abilities, may not tally with your own?

"I'd like to give you a piece of my mind."

Well you can, and I welcome it. Each page has a link to view or add feedback relevant to the page's content. Like this:


If you think I'm misinformed about a particular issue, and you feel you must set me straight, or have something insightful and anecdotal to add, then your participation is welcome. Make a good, well thought out, and above all civil counter-argument, and I'll add your perspective into the mix.

Obviously, praise and reinforcement also welcome! [grin]

However, if your arguments are juvenile, lacking in substance, attacking the author without tackling his points on their own merits, or dismissive of any perspective beyond your own, that will hold little credibility outside of your own brethren, and I reserve the right to make fun of you.

Kind regards
Wayne Stuart

Page content last updated 25 July 2009