Reasons Why Not To Choose a Macintosh

Reason 5 of : “Computer expert I know says Macs are just toys”

“IT professionals know all about computers. So if you know of one who tells you Macs are just toys, and not suitable for any real work, then you can take that to the bank! They're 'experts'; they know what they're talking about...


Expert opinions

Opinions. Everyone's got them. But not all opinions are informed ones. But those who work with computers, you'd expect their opinion to hold more weight than your average Joe Schmoe.

Someone who works in IT will undoubtedly be very knowledgeable about computers. However, while they may be very good at what they do, they may not, strictly speaking, be that interested or wholly knowledgeable of the whole spectrum of computer platforms from perspectives outside of their particular field of expertise.

Knowledge or ignorance?

So say you know of one who is none too complimentary about Macs, or is of the opinion that Windows is the daddy. Consider...

When was the last time they used a Mac? Things move very quickly in the world of technology. Could their opinions be out of date?

Are their criticisms from that of a business usage perspective? Is this relevant to you? Are those criticisms of less or even no relevance to a home usage or creative industry perspective where Apple primarily focusses?

Are they not speaking from a position of personal experience at all? Have they only ever used Windows, and everything they know about the Mac platform is what they've heard? If you learn anything here, it should be that hearsay should not be taken as gospel.

Conspiracy theory

There is also a conspiracy theory. See what you think...

It is often suggested that those who work in IT, have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo. Maybe not consciously so, but it's only human nature that opinions can be coloured by personal agendas.

Businesses invariably will use computer systems that by their very nature, require constant attention and trouble shooting to keep up and running. This keeps IT professionals in jobs. Lucrative jobs. The last thing said IT professionals need is any threat of technology that potentially results in comparatively less maintenance. So if they can use their 'expert' opinion to 'steer' the decision makers away from those threats, that's good for them and good for their paycheques.

Cynical? Maybe.

So in summary...

...just beware of accepting 'facts' from individuals, even if they profess or appear to be knowledgeable. They may very well have a certain knowledge that you lack, but opinions often tend to be heavily influenced by personal subjective perspectives. And even the knowledgeable are not immune from having those opinions coloured by ignorance or bias.

Page content last updated 9 August 2009