Reasons Why Not To Choose a Macintosh

Reason 8 of : “Macs don't have Windows”

“The world has spoken. They have chosen Windows. Everything is based around Windows. Everything is compatible with Windows. Everywhere will assume you use Windows. So where does a Mac fit into all this? Without Windows, it's all just pointless...


Once upon a time, not so long ago, while discussing computers with a not so computer literate acquaintance, this person asked in all seriousness, "Macs don't come with Windows? What's the point of that then?"

Well, where do you start?

All Windows have windows, but not all windows is Windows

This individual, in not really knowing much about the ins and outs of computer platforms, could have meant one of two things.

Did he perhaps inextricably associate a graphical user interface (GUI) – i.e. windows, icons, mouse pointers, drop down menus, etc. – with the Microsoft Windows OS, and assume if a PC doesn't have Windows, then it doesn't have... windows? If that was the case, then it did need pointing out to him that there's more than one operating system in the world, and the Mac will come with its own GUI based OS, similar in concept to Windows, but not Windows.

How necessary is Windows?

What he could have meant however, is the world has pretty much standardised on the Windows platform, so any PC that doesn't conform, is always going to be hugely compromised. Regardless of any potential technological or usability advantages of other operating systems, the 3rd party ecosystem supporting Windows being so much larger, it's game set and match Windows... surely?

However, firstly, there may be less of an ecosystem surrounding Macs as compared to the larger Windows platform, but less doesn't necessarily mean insufficient.

Info: See reason 1 – 'There's less software for Macs' – for a closer look at this.

Secondly, just because Macs don't come with Windows pre-installed, doesn't mean you can't install it yourself and have access to the Windows ecosystem too. The choice is yours. Or at least it is with a Mac.

Info: See also 'Windows; Macintosh edition'.

So in summary...

...if you can find benefit in the Mac platform, but are fearful of missing out on the obvious benefits that Windows brings to the table, then having a Mac doesn't preclude you from having that option. However, most of the time in most circumstances, most Mac users find it really isn't necessary.

Page content last updated 6 September 2009