Reasons Why Not To Choose a Macintosh

Reason 11 of : “I can get loads of free PC software”

“Compared to Macs, there's a massive selection of software for PCs. And if you know where to look or know the right people, you can get it all for free! So not only is PC hardware cheaper than Mac hardware, you don't have to pay for PC software either. You really do get more for less with a PC...


Free software

Plentiful free software is available for all platforms. Freeware and open source software is made avilable free of charge by their authors, and freely downloadable from the Internet.

But if you're talking about commercial software, then I presume you must be meaning pirated commercial software?

Warez warez warez!

Piracy exists on all platforms, but simply on the larger userbase of Windows alone, there will undoubtedly be more sources of pirated and cracked software, such as via BitTorrents or the shady character selling software "Without original packaging" on the flea market.

But you do know that such practices are not legal, don't you?

Well, whatever, I'll leave that up to you and your conscience.


But before you follow this route of limitless free software, one word of warning: If you're going to use software from non-legitimate and questionable sources, can you be absolutely sure its contents are completely safe and unmolested?

You may think you're getting the latest expensive software on the market for free, but could it possibly have come covertly packaged with 'Trojan' malware? Back door access to your computer system installed? All your files opened up for anyone to see? Your computer's resources hijacked to send millions of spam e-mails with your identity? Your banking and credit card details stolen? That would be quite a price to pay for "free" software, wouldn't you say?

Info: See also reason 24 – 'Macs are not immune to viruses'

So in summary...

...just as there's more software for Windows than for Macs, it is logical to assume of that software, more of it will be pirated. However, no matter which platform you use, whether you should consider this source for your software is highly debatable, considering the dubious legality, and the highly risky security implications of such.

Page content last updated 26 December 2009