Reasons Why Not To Choose a Macintosh

Reason 17 of : “Nobody sells Macs around here”

“Where I am, if I go into any computer store or department store, there'll be a selection of PCs to choose from. That is except I won't find any Macs. Nobody wants Macs, so nobody sells them. I couldn't buy a Mac even if I wanted one, but I can buy a PC from anywhere...


Yes, quite simply, the Mac is but one brand, and that brand is not necessarily going to be for sale everywhere PCs are sold. No brand will be.

Macs in retail

Macs are often sold by big computer superstores, some large department stores, Apple authorised resellers, and of course Apple's own sumptuous retail chain. Apple's website (UK) should be able to point you to your nearest retailer

Check Apple's website to see if they have a section specific to your country. Here you should be able to find if your country has a Apple authorised retailer.

That does all assume you are located in or nearby to a major town or city in a developed part of the world. Here, your choice of PC brands and models will be wide ranging; Mac or otherwise. But if you happen to be located in a remote area, without travelling to your nearest metropolis, Apple may not be one of the brands your nearest PC retailer will stock.

And also, there will be some parts of the world – mainly in second or third world countries – where your choices of where and what to buy will be severely curtailed. Here, Apple's retail presence may be virtually non-existant.


The internet has largely replaced to the necessity for goods we want to be bought at retail. It's a method of distribution favoured by many PC manufacturers, such as Dell. Apple too offer simple online ordering via their own online store (UK). However, this may not be available in every country, but other online retailers may be.

Of course not everyone will feel comfortable buying their computer in this way. You may prefer being able to try before you buy. And long distance support may not be as convenient as the local computer fixer around the corner.

All I can say is that Apple's own retail stores and authorised resellers are opening all the time. Maybe the next one will be just around your corner.

So in summary...

...just as with any manufacturer, Apple's retail presence will differ significantly from one locality to another. In a major metropolis of a developed nation, there'll be multiple choices of places to buy a Mac. But it stands to reason that in a rural area or in lesser-developed nations, there won't be an Apple affiliated retailer just around the corner. Or possibly even any computer retailer for that matter. So quite simply, if you must have a Mac, your choice here is either travel to somewhere where they're sold, or purchase online.

Page content last updated 10 September 2010