Reasons Why Not To Choose a Macintosh

Reason 18 of : “My kids use PCs at school, just as they will in the real world”

“When my kids go to school, they're learning on Windows. And this makes sense because when they grow up and enter the job market, this is what they'll use there too. What use will it be to them armed with knowledge of using a Mac? Business doesn't use Macs. No, as a responsible parent, it's my duty to use Windows...


And you know what your kids will choose to do in the "real world" for certain?

Macs are still used extensively in creative industries, such as video editing, graphic design, desktop publishing, and the recording studio, plus often in higher academia. Your kids won't necessarily be button and pen pushing in an office 9 to 5 where Windows PCs will be the prevalent tool.

It's a Windows world

But yes, indeed, it is a valid issue, hard to argue with. This is a Windows world, and most non-creative business will be using it. So it makes sense to get your kids as adept at using that platform as possible. So logically, that's what you give them at home. And they're not going to complain about that. After all, there's tons of games for Windows, whereas Macs... hasn't. [grin]

However, with much software having Mac versions that are file compatible with the Windows versions, and the Mac's unique ability to run Windows as well as Mac OS  – See 'Windows; Macintosh edition' – having a Mac instead of a 'normal' PC, may not be the big issue it once may have been.

Multi platform experience

Consider also what your kids are learning on right now, will bear little more than a passing resemblance to what they'll be using in up to 15 years time when they do hit the real world. Having multiple computer platform experience could be viewed as a benefit; as opposed to ingraining them into one way of doing things, less able to adapt to change when it inevitably comes.

However, despite what the corporate world has standardised on, there are a great many schools – particular in the US – that have standardised or encourage their students to use Macs. Citing security, low maintenance, low running costs and Apple's generous education discounting as being tangible benefits. Yet this doesn't apparently seem to be to any detriment to their graduates.

Because you see, while dealing with different computing platforms could be quite daunting to many older generation folk, you often find kids take it much more in their stride.

So in summary...

...the corporate world has largely settled on Windows, but there are pockets of non-corporate work that hasn't. And there are also very large parts of education that hasn't either. Kids today are comfortable with computers, and can adapt to the inevitable fast moving evolution of computers or different computing platforms much easier than their parents can. So therefore, this is no reason to limit them or yourself to one computing platform if there are other tangible benefits to using another.

Page content last updated 11 September 2010