Reasons Why Not To Choose a Macintosh

Reason 20 of : “I use applications not available for Macs”

“Two choices, two computer platforms: One that has multiple choices of every type of software you can ever possibly need, and one that doesn't. Which is best? Well it's obvious, isn't it? Windows will serve all your computing needs, conceivable and inconceivable, present and future. A Mac will not...


A Macintosh is just a PC. And just like any PC, it can do anything its software allows it to do. The big difference being, unlike most other brands of PC, its standard operating system is not Windows. But unfortunately, Windows is where most of the software is at.

While the Mac market is big enough to attract developers to provide software that covers most areas that most of us need covering, there are some gaps...

So what's missing?

All potential deal killers to Mac ownership for some people. Like, say what if just one pesky application you can't do without is not available for Macs? Or what if a Mac fulfils your needs fully right now, but you later find you need or want a piece of software that's only available for Windows? It's just too risky buying a Mac... right?


As usual, there's a few things to consider:

And finally...

So in summary...

...the installed userbase of the Macintosh may be smaller than that of Windows, but it's not exactly small. It's still more than big enough to be a viable enough platform for the vast majority of genres of software that the vast majority of people will ever need, to be adequately covered. Exceptions are largely contained in niche areas where most ordinary people won't ever need to stray. And most of these exceptions are solved simply by running Windows too anyway.

Page content last updated 11 September 2010