Reasons Why Not To Choose a Macintosh

Reason 21 of : “Apple don't make the kind of Mac I want”

“Any type of computer you can conceive, any size, any price, any specification, any combination of such, there'll be a plethora of choices of PC to cover your exacting needs. With a Mac however, your choices are so limited, the chances of finding exactly what you need are virtually non-existant...


Apple is but one manufacturer and their range of PCs is small Even by other PC brand standards. But it is limited by design.

The Mac range

It's always been Apple's philosophy to keep things simple. And the range of hardware they offer reinforces that. Rather than attempting to have an overwhelmingly confusing array of products to fit every niche, they have specific models to target more general uses, with simplified variable specification levels to adequately fulfil them:

See Info: Apple's website (UK) for a closer look at the current Macintosh range.

Speaking of gaps

Whilst such a range can fit the needs of the many, you cannot please everyone. There are gaps in the range, some of them quite glaring:

That last one probably being the most obvious. There are no budget spec, budget bundled, budget quality, budget built Macs on offer. So while the available models of Mac may fit the needs of the majority, they may not fit the wants of the majority from an available budget perspective.

Info: See reason 3 – 'Macs are too expensive' for more of a look at the various comparative cost issues.

So in summary...

...Apple's range is small but focussed, and does attempt to cover most general mainstream bases. However, if your needs require a particular type or size or spec, then the Mac platform may be a compromise too far for you. Particularly so if your required budget is lower than Apple has chosen to play ball in. If so, you'll have to forgo the option of Mac OS and the ease of which it integrates with Mac hardware, but whether that's more or less important to you, only you can say.

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