Reasons Why Not To Choose a Macintosh

Reason 26 of : “Everyone uses Windows PCs”

“Almost everyone uses a Windows based PCs. Friends, family, at work, at school, all sorts of really smart people who know much more about computers than you, most of them run Windows on their PC. So your choice is a simple one; Windows must be the best option, because 19 out of 20 people in the world can't be wrong...


So, why does everyone choose Windows?

Okay, right from the off, using Windows and choosing Windows, is not necessarily the same thing.

  1. What computer one uses is not always your choice. At work or school for instance, your choice is usually made for you. And their choice may be based on many factors unrelated to which you personally may prefer or benefit from. Even devout Mac users usually have to use Windows at work, probably much to their chagrin. That's just the way it is.
  2. Most PC brands sold today will be pre-installed with Windows. As such, most Windows users haven't chosen Windows per se; they have simply chosen PC hardware that just happens to have Windows as the standard installation, i.e. almost always.

Okay, so why do so few choose a Mac?

Let's just say for argument's sake that of every 20 computers sold to everyday folk for use in their own home, 19 chose a brand of PC that came pre-installed with Windows. Why? Or more to the point, why did they reject the Mac option?

Of those 19, how many were reasonably knowledgeable about, and had recent experience of multiple computing platforms on which to base their informed decision? It'd be pretty safe to say, probably not many. The majority will have made their decision to buy a Windows PC without knowing much about computers at all, let alone about minority platforms such as the Mac.

Perhaps they based their decision of the advise of someone whom they perceived as being more knowledgeable than they. An 'expert' that in all statistical likelihood, is a Windows person themselves. But if they don't have the multiple platform experience either, they're not going to be in any better position to offer judgement of what platform is best for anyone but themselves. They will simply advise of which brand of Windows PC to buy.

Or maybe another quite common reason is quite simply the central point of this very page: Everyone chooses Windows, because everyone chooses Windows. 'Cos 19 out of 20 folk can't be wrong... right?

Info: See also reason 33 – 'Macs have got a tiny market share'.

There could be any number of reasons for making their decision, informed or... otherwise. The fact that you're viewing this very site is good indication you are not looking to blindly follow the flock and instead, are looking to get informed before making your decision, one way or the other.

So in summary...

...whatever the reason a Mac is not chosen in the vast majority of computer sales, it it likely rather commonly so because it was simply never considered as an option. And that's a big difference from not being chosen because it was not considered the best option. So are going to let this dictate your decisions about whether a Mac is a good choice for you? Or are you going to do a little research and find out for yourself?

Page content last updated 27 April 2011