Reasons Why Not To Choose a Macintosh

Reason 28 of : “I only need a computer for basic stuff”

The majority of people simply aren't that interesting in computers – i.e. normal people – and see them as a necessary evil to do... stuff; like access the Internet, or the occasional bit of word processing. For such basic use, any cheap, minimalist, or even last generation PC will suffice.

If you're one of those people, you probably see computers as appliances, and your anticipated use of that appliance to be rather limited. So you perhaps see a premium priced brand of computer, like a Mac, as a bit extravagant for you. It's like, why spend big bucks on a top of the range luxury car if you only need it to go to the shops?

But then again, why can't you conceive or foresee any use for a computer beyond the basics? Is it because you really have nothing else in your day to day life that a computer would make easier, enhance, or invigorate? Or is it because you've never had a computer that was practically capable of anything more than the basics?

Beyond the basics

What if you developed an interest in trying something you never anticipated? What if you found you have a knack for writing music? What if you found a renewed interest in photography which digital photography reinvigorates? What if you found making your own DVDs from old camcorder films invaluable? And what if you found that cheap, minimalist PC you got to fit your anticipated uses, when presented with these more demanding tasks, was a little lacking in grunt, missing those costly features and specifications you didn't think you'd need, and lacked that useful bundled software that would have made these tasks so much easier? You may have found a Mac would have had all these things as standard.

Now don't get me wrong, a PC from a little higher up the range would likely enable you to do all this too. But then on the other hand, if it's an easy to use appliance you're after, if there's one thing that the Mac's integrated plug-in-and-go approach to computing is intended to do, is to make computers more appliance like so anyone can use them. The PCs biggest assets, just tend to make them more appealing to people who like their computers to be complicated.


...just be wary of excluding a Mac from your buying choices on the basis of you believing yourself to be not interested in computers enough to justify one. You might become interested when you have one, and might find a Mac makes what you do do, just a little less hassle.

Page content last updated 28 July 2008