Reasons Why Not To Choose a Macintosh

Reason 34 of : “Macs are only for those too stupid to use a 'proper computer'”

This 'reason' is probably one of many similar 'reasons'. There's many varieties of, "Macs are only for so-and-so" pronouncements declared by armchair-experts over the last 20 years or so...

...among no doubt numerous others equally sensationalist and absolute.

So, is this all the ignorant regurgitation of long since invalidated myths by those with an anti-anything-Apple bias, or is there a validity behind such pigeonholing? Are Macs only of practical use for a limited subset of consumers?

Just what kind of demographic are Macs for?

So Macs are only for those too stupid to use a 'proper computer', right?

Anyone who utters such, would likely have you believe they are bought solely or predominantly by those who don't know anything about computers. Clueless newbies who don't know any better. Those of lesser intelligence than themselves.

Anecdotal evidence would indicate otherwise...

Picture this...

Picture yourself in the position of wanting to buy a computer, but not knowing much about them. You'll probably be more than a little intimidated by them. So come the decision of which one to buy, what is going to influence you most? Vague insinuations about some alleged benefits of a minority computing platform you've never used nor know of anyone who has? Or the computing platform that everyone else uses, including every computer 'expert' acquaintance you know?

I think we all know the answer to that one.

So no, people who don't know anything about computers invariably don't buy Macs. They buy a Windows PC, the same as everyone else.

Info: See reason 26 – 'Everyone uses Windows PCs'.

So, if it's not swathes of clueless newbies buying Macs – much as they may benefit from such – it must be people who have used computers before; most likely the most overwhelmingly widespread type, i.e. Windows based PCs. So why did they switch?


Those aforementioned "proper computer" proponents may have you believe they switched because they couldn't figure out how to use this said "proper computer", so they opted to try a simpler, more limited alternative; prepared to give up the flexibility and choice offered by a "proper computer" for an easy life.

Possible I suppose. But unlikely to be the foremost answer.

Firstly, while Macs may be alegedly slightly easier to use than a Windows based PC, the nuances are too subtle for wholesale explanation. Secondly, choosing to switch to a platform that comparatively few use, is not the behaviour of the stereotypical timid computer ignoramus. It's more indicative of someone who is quite tech-savvy, knows their way around Windows enough to understand its shortcomings – at least from their perspective – and is adventurous and confident enough to branch out in search of greener pastures.

And as for any accusation that Macs are simplistic, dumbed down, feature limited computers, that's hard to take seriously considering when underneath that Apple designed UI, there lurks a foundation of UNIX.


...the reality is that there's probably all sorts of people who find themselves in a position to try a Mac for all sorts of reasons, and finds it compelling enough to stay. I'm sure there are some who are not multiple platform literate, and stay put out of ignorance – probably even more prevalent on the much more ubiquitous Windows side – but to say Macs are only for the clueless, and only a Windows PC can be considered a "proper computer", is textbook short sighted bigotry.

The opinions of such individuals are best not to be taken seriously!

Page content last updated 11 August 2007